Terms of Service

Scooby Groom strives to provide the best service for you and your pet, but you must understand that we are dealing with a live animal that may or may not like the grooming process.

• As a pet owner you assume all responsibility when bringing in your pet to Scooby Groom. You will not hold Scooby Groom or any staff members responsible for any injuries or death caused while your pet is in our care.

• Scooby Groom will not be held financially responsible for any medical bills that arise from the grooming process due to the pet’s behavior, any medical conditions known or unknown, stress-related issue caused by grooming, cuts to moles or skin abnormalities, old age, rashes or skin related issues.

• Scooby Groom will be responsible for any issues that arise from negligence to the maximum amount of the grooming service.

• Any claim must be made within 24 hours of service. Scooby Groom will not be held responsible for any issue or medical problems that occur past the 24 hours of the grooming service.

• Scooby Groom will not be held responsible for any cuts or clipper burns on any matted pet. Matting on a pet is a serious issue and grooming a matted pet is difficult. Bruising will most likely appear after shaving. All matted pets will be charged extra.

 A sanitary trim is included in every groom. A small portion of pets may feel discomfort from a sanitary trim. It is the owner’s responsibility to watch out for excessive scratching or licking of private areas. Scooby Groom will not be held responsible for any issues that arise from a sanitary trim. We rarely have issues but irritation may happen.

• Scooby Groom has the right to change pricing during the groom if a pet takes longer than normal. You the pet owner agree to pay Scooby Groom the full amount of the groom plus any fees that may be added . Phone quotes are not final until we see your pet in person .

• Pets with behavioral issues will be extra. In the event we are unable to finish a pet due to behavior issues you will be charged according to the time spent on the animal. Price is determined by $1 per 1 minute.

• Pets with uncontrollable or excessive bowel movements will be charged extra for re-bathing.
• Pets with fleas or ticks will automatically be treated and charged.
• We reserve the right to send any pet home immediately if they are deemed a danger to us or themselves.
• We reserve the right to not service any customer of our choice for any reason .
• You must pick up your pet within 35 minutes of completion. A text message will be sent out to inform you of your pet’s completion. We are not responsible if you do not see your text message on time. Daycare fees apply to pets left longer than 35 minutes after completion.

• We do our best to complete the grooming service in a timely manner but some pets may be more difficult then others or take longer . There is no exact time a groom will take . We asked not to be rushed . We reserve the right to terminate any groom if rushed . A full amount of the service will still be owed .

If for any reason you are unhappy with a haircut you have 24hours to let us know so we can reschedule and fix it. No refunds are associated to the service.

• De-shedding a dog will not completely stop them from shedding. If you feel your dog is still shedding after a dashed treatment , you can come in for an extra brush out at an additional cost.
• All dogs will be kenneled for their own safety when customer don’t show up at the time expected.

• No shows, same day cancellations , or same day reschedules will be charged a $40 fee You are responsible for cancelling your appointment with the link provided in the confirmation email. Sending a text message or calling us after hours or on weekends will not count as a 24 hour cancelation , you must do it through the scheduling link . Our online system will not let you cancel under 24 hours

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